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Bryon Jones

I was crazy about music and would have jeopardised my whole life for it. I came from a family of musicians, my mother and father played the piano and sang in church. My love for music led me to join ‘The Pilgrim Brothers’, a local gospel group from Wolverhampton. Back then I encouraged them to write original songs and so we experimented with what we knew, which was everything soul and funk.

Alongside the gospel soul and funk sound from the Pilgrim Brothers, there was always ‘Jones & Co’ i.e. me and my sisters. We met regularly around our broken, out of tune piano to create a unique sound, often times annoying my parents in the perfecting of our craft. This led us eventually to form a band with other like minded musicians, where we performed around the country and the world.

In 1980, Jones & Co recorded their first album with ‘Chapel Lane’ entitled ‘Regenerated’ and with this album we won a number of awards and was seen as trailblazers within the Gospel music community.

Years on, I became a worship leader within the Apostolic Church and was eventually led by God to become the pastor of Eden Christian Centre, The Apostolic Church, a dynamic fellowship in East London. Here, I am able to mix my love for worship with preaching.

‘God inhabits the praises of His people’ and I have witnessed His presence and His power in miraculous ways through worship. Worship is important to God. Worship is who I am and worship to Christ is what we should all be. This led me to write a number of praise songs that are Christ centred.

This is my story and these are my songs ‘Forever’

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Bryon Jones


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